The Congress will be held in "Moscow" hotel, located in the central part of the city
near Nevsky Prospekt (the most famous street of the city).

On-site registration to the Congress will be organized at the ground floor of the hotel.

You can reach the hotel:

By the underground (metro) system to the station "Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo".
A link to metro is provided from the airport to “Moskovskaya” metro station:

- From the international Pulkovo-II terminal:
•    bus 13,
•    shuttle buses K3, 39A, K113

- From the domestic Pulkovo-I terminal:
•    bus 39
•    shuttle bus 39

From “Moskovskaya” metro station, take the blue line in the direction of “Parnas” station. Change at “Sennaya ploschad” station to the orange line (“Spasskaya” station), and proceed in the direction of “Ulitsa Dybenko” station. Change at the “Ploshchad’ Alexandra Nevskogo - 2” station for the “Ploshchad’ Alexandra Nevskogo - 1” station (on another line). From there, exit up to the street and turn left to reach the hotel “Moscow” main entrance.

You can also reach the venue with a taxi. It is strongly recommended to book a taxi through an official booth at the airport, and to deny any private offers by the drivers. Taxi cost should be around $30-$40.

There are HERTZ, Avis and SIXT representatives in the arrival halls of both the airport terminals.


Useful Information

Local currency

Local currency is rouble. 1 rouble = 100 kopecks.
Approximate exchange rates (as of November 2011)
1 € ~ 42 Roubles
1 Dollar ~ 32 Roubles
1 UK Pound ~ 47 Roubles

ATMs and credit cards

There are numerous ATMs throughout the city. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels, major restaurants, large shops and supermarkets, although you will need to pay in cash at small street shops and local eateries.


Typical weather will be around 10-20 degrees, with chances of rain. Generally, early autumn is beautiful in St. Petersburg.


Typical dining price is between 15 euro (café) and 40 euro (restaurant), although more expensive restaurants are also frequent. Seek a local advice for guidance.


Average flight cost (Europe - Saint-Petersburg): 350 euro. We recommend to book your flights early to avoid disappointment.


Taxi is rather expensive in Saint Petersburg. We recommend to arrange a taxi through an airport booth or hotel lobby.


Metro is the cheapest and fastest means of transport in Saint Petersburg. A single metro ticket costs 25 roubles, regardless of the distance to be travelled. Cards for multiple trips are also available. Please do not expect metro staff to understand English.