Visa and invitation

Please keep in mind that the citizens of most countries need a visa to visit Russian Federation.

There are two main types of visas you can get:

Tourist visa

The most convenient and the quickest way to get visa to Russia is to apply for a tourist visa. To get this visa you need to get an accommodation voucher. Voucher should be issued only by the hotel where you will really stay during your visit to Russia or by an authorized travel agency. This document can be provided by the "Intertimes" company which is responsible for visa applications in the 'Moscow' hotel (see below).

Please note that when you receive invitation and tourist voucher - you should specify purpose of visit "tourism" in your visa application form.

Business visa

In exceptional case if you are strongly required a business visa, please contact directly the organizers (see email below). In this case you will need to get the original invitation from the organizer at Russia side (National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics). Note that business visa preparation takes 30 days or higher for a business invitation and about one month for mailing the original copy of invitation to your country. 

Note that citizens of most European Union countries can get free Humanitarian visa for participating in the conference. Please contact the organizers.

(!) We highly recommend applying for a tourist visa. It is the fastest and most convenient way to get an entry to Russian Federation.

Please allocate sufficient time to arrange a visa with your local Russian consulate, especially if you require a business visa. You may also need to get original documents for visa (such as an invitation letter or a voucher) so it will take additional time for postal delivery.

Regardless of the visa type you need to provide the following documents to the local Russian consulate:

1) A valid foreign passport with at least two empty pages;

2) Filled visa application form;

3) Two photos 3,5 х 4,5 cm;

4) Consular fee;

5) Other documents depending on visa type.


Please visit the website of your country consulate for more information about visas to Russia.


To get an invitation and accommodation voucher for a tourist visa or invitation fot Humanitarian please e-mail you request to the Russian tourist agency "Intertimes" which is responsible for the Congress participants arrangement. The e-mail address is 


Please define the subject as "Metamaterials 2012 booking". 

Please note that the tourist agency will charge 500 rubles the tourist visa invitation. This application implies that you plan to stay in hotel "Moscow". If you plan to stay in another hotel or make reservation through another travel agency, then your accommodation voucher for the tourist visa application must be issued by that other hotel or company.


You can contact the local organizers for assistance via